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It is specific for Raspberry Pi IR control expansion board, you can use Pi 3B/ 2B / B+ expansion board to realize the IR control function.


- IR Receive Function:
                                        Working frequency: 38KHz
                                        Receive distance: 18-20m
                                        Receive angle: +/-45 angle
                                        Wavelength: 940nm
                                        Transmission 7-8m
– Support launching with IR double LED.(You need to weld backup launch tube D2, and cut off SJ1.)
– Support LIRC software. You can copy all of the IR remote control function with LIRC and expansion board.(Such as TV, Power amplifier and DVD
   etc), you can also use commands to control the appliances.
– Support XBMC system.
– Support Double GPIO button.


- Remote rotary machine:  Record the remote function of the machine at first, launch IR via remote control the Raspberry Pi to control the machine.
– Timing switch: It can be used to swith on/ off the appliance at definite time.
– Remote control the Raspberry Pi car via IR finction.
– Control the audio and video playing, XBMC, MPLAYER and so on.


The RPi mainboard is not included.

Package included:

1 x Expansion Board
1 x Remote Control(build in button battery)

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