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1. Low standby current.through the I2C bus serial input / output.
2. PCF8591 by 3 hardware address pins addressing. Sampling rate PCF8591 I2C bus rate decided.
3. 4 analog inputs programmable as single-ended or differential inputs.Automatic incremental channel selection
4. PCF8591 analog voltage range from VSS to VDD.PCF8591 built-in track and hold circuit.
5. 8-bit successive approximation A / D converter. through an analog output DAC gain. module chip using PCF8951 .
6. Working Voltage : 2.5-6V

Size 3.6*2.3cm
Weight 8g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.06lb
Qty per Carton 120
Carton Weight 3.00kgs / 6.61lb
Carton Size 34cm * 26cm * 22cm / 13.39inch * 10.24inch * 8.66inch

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